Sahaa India!

Hiya Familia!

Wow, what a month!

Harriet and I are now in Delhi, in our hotel room watching a movie about penguins with Jim Carrey. Let me tell ya, we know how to party!

Two weeks of yoga, and I feel amazing. Our teacher was pretty.. interesting. I am positive that he hated me, (backed up by a nod and a ‘Yup’ from Harry) and I did not really think that he was the infallible Shaman that he strutted around trying to be. He had long salt and pepper curls, that he would slickly tuck in a pony tail behind his side burns, a cream and white ensemble, bare feet and a habit of showing us his belly.

He would teach, and then rattle of a number of similes about how the donkey must go before the cart, and that you must put the key in the engine before you start the car. He would rattle this off, whilst we hold poses for fifteen minutes or more. When challenged, (I, here become the argumentative student again) he would belittle, laugh and make example of students (me). I think, for me, it was the idea that a study like yoga ideally eliminates the Ego. To be taught by someone who seemingly comes from a place of only Ego, really shits me. But hey, it might have been just me, there were heaps of return students that raved about his teachings.
What I did get from the course, was that there can be complete awareness in stillness. I always got it from movement. We did like an hour on focusing on the bottom of our feet. After the hour, I could feel all the ‘mounds’, the side, the middle, front and back etc. We then made friends with our toes, by massaging them for ages, an activity we are told to do every day (along with a list of head and shoulder stands, shoulder rolls and the rest). It was really fun!
Two days ago, we went for a massive 12 hour, 17km hike up to the top of the mountain ranges that surrounded Dharmakot (training hike one down Dad!) with a German lady who was pushing 60. She was pretty amazing (if not a little slow, which I did not mind at all!). On the way up, we passed waterfalls, sweeping fog clouds that disappeared as quickly as they appeared, and horses and donkeys without bridles, just bells, and some yelling herder following them. We had chai at a teetering teashop that gave me vertigo, and I told Harry that it was evocative of this feeling I get when I have this reoccurring dream. The dream is of me climbing mount Everest, and I feel really light, like I have no grounding weight. I am trekking up the last ridge to the top, the sun is shinning, and one side of the ridge is lit up by the sideward sun, the other side dark. I am so light and vertigo-y that I fall off. I have had that dream countless amount of times,  and also hope that it is not a death dream.
Anyway, we got to the top (of the real life mountain) and it was bloody glorious! We could see the Himalayas, so we sat and ate really bad (but really good) two minute noodle soup served by some guy in a tarp cafe, that had more flies in it than customers. My coca cola got stolen by a mega wasp, and I ate the thickest pancake slathered in nutella, I say ate, I mean rolled up and hovered. I also did some great handstands. Thanks again yoga.
Harry and I sung all the way down, (I got the runs halfway, stopped in the middle of the trail, and hoped to hell that some donkey bells would alert me to oncoming traffic, not that it would have made much difference because you “Can’t stop me Noooow”).
So, packed, to bed, and a 5am start to get our butts back to Amirtsar, to get our flight to Delhi. We took a 6 hour cab ride, (twenty five bucks!) and the tyre went flat ever hour. We got there safe, sound, sore and all seized up from our trek, but got a hotel, that was a complete shit hole. We did not even shower in this hotel it was so dirty, requiring shoes to be worn IN THE ROOM! Yuk. There is the Golden temple, so we went to check that out, got some lunch, and bummed around.
Like I said, we are now back in Delhi, got our plane early this morning, and I got some henna done. I was recommended not to shower for a day, so very appropriately, I depart India (fly out to Shanghai tomorrow), the dirtiest I have ever been in my life. I am as smelly as hell, and as dusty as a hippy. It’s the best!
So, India, it has been ffffffffffing fantastic, I love Harry like a sister now, and she has made me realise, that I am as moody as hell (it’s not just you mum) because She is as moody as hell, seriously, within the hour here we can laugh till we wee ourselves, (and we have not used toilet paper for a month, so it doesn’t matter anyway), get really pissed off with everyone, and everything, be scared, tired, over it, totally loving it, well – you get the picture. So, I think what India has taught me, is that it’s all good, and I can take the good with the bad.
Anyway, I Love you all, miss you all, have been talking about you all (Harry now knows you pretty well!) and hope all is good (or bad) at home.
Goodbye India Yoga, Hello Chinese Kung Fu!

Mum, did you send that package? And did you get me some worming tablets? Pretty sure I have worms. Joy.



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